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| Silver Arrows Marine Collaboration Wtih Blackfish Marine

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| Vancouver [ENA] | Silver Arrows Marine, creator of the unique Mercedes-designed ARROW460-Granturismo motor yacht, takes the next step in its development with an exciting new collaboration with Blackfish Marine. | Silver Arrows Marine has agreed a cooperative programme with Vancouver-based Blackfish Marine to ensure its luxury GT-inspired yacht is better represented in the region than ever before.

| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.
| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.
| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.

| Blackfish Marine is the leading luxury yacht sales and charter agent on the Pacific Northwest coast, a fast-growing yachting centre that has long been an important focus for Silver Arrows Marine. “The move into the Pacific Northwest coast is a bold step into the future but the area has a great maritime history and a large and growing yachting community,” said Ron Gibbs, Chairman Silver Arrows Marine. “With its experience, knowledge and host of innovative customer programs, Blackfish Marine is our ideal partner in the region and the perfect company to represent the ‘Mercedes S-Class of the seas’.”

| Blackfish Marine is based in Vancouver where the charter services company can track back to 1982. The company extended its business to Seattle and has since grown into a one-stop luxury yacht shopping centre offering a range of services including yacht sales, charter, island lodge services and custom cruising trips. “Blackfish Marine’s mission is to bring the highest yachting lifestyle to our clients,” said Jason Xiao, Chief Executive Officer Blackfish Marine.

| The tie-up promises a host of customer-facing activities in the region with an innovative program, including VIP showcase events, now being finalised.

| It is an exciting time for Silver Arrows Marine in other ways too, as product development continues at a fast pace. Designs for the first ARROW460-Cabrio – a unique new ‘convertible’ 14m motor yacht – are due to be revealed by the summer.

| Just as with ARROW460-Granturismo, the Cabrio embodies the Mercedes-Benz sensual purity design philosophy. Once again the design is innovative, elegant, sporting, and introduces a new design language to the yachting industry. As with the Granturismo, the Cabrio version will feature a wealth of innovative features, high technology and a contemporary take on modern luxury.

| About Silver Arrows Marine Silver Arrows Marine builds innovative luxury motor yachts whose unique design purity captures the sporting elegance of today’s finest Granturismo automobiles. Partnered by Mercedes-Benz Style and some of the world’s foremost marine architects and suppliers, the first ARROW460-Granturismo, unveiled in spring 2016, introduces a completely new way of looking at, and living with, a 14m motor yacht, re- configuring it to embrace life with an abundance of light, space and hi- tech functionality. Silver Arrows Marine is a UK registered company whose yachts are only available through its sales subsidiary, Silver Arrows Marine (Monaco) SARL,


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