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Iris Festival 2019: an exceptional programme in Brussels

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Iris Day in Brussels
Iris Day in Brussels  Bild: Eric Danhier

Brussels [ENA] Electro Night and the 100% Made in Belgium concert, featuring L’Or du Commun and many more… There will be countless free activities to celebrate both of these anniversaries. An event not to be missed. Here is an overview of all the planned activities that take place during these days of festivities.

From 1 to 5 May • Historical trams exhibition • Inauguration of the tram of the “new generation” in the courtyard • Iris Food Corner • Free access to the exhibition • Heritage? It’s child’s play! • Intimate Audrey Wednesday 1May • The tram parade Thursday 2 May • Brussels, an urban journey • Guided tours aboard an old tram Friday 3 May • Guided tours aboard an old tram • Electro Night Saturday 4 May • Iris Festival in the communes • Open Day of the European Institutions • Follow the guide! • Tram-EM European Tramdriver Championship • Concerts 100% Made in Belgium

The youngest of the three regions in Belgium’s federal system celebrates its 30th birthday with an extra-festive edition of the Iris Festival, with days of free concerts and street events. At Saturday’s Electro Night, you can dance the night away. Sunday’s festival in the park offers cultural, folklore, and sporting activities. Local boroughs are also joining in and the Brussels Parliament will be open to the public. As usual, the festival coincides with Europe Day. In addition to the many activities offered from 1-5 May to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region and 150 years of the tram, the Iris Festival will also be show-piecing the music scene.

On Saturday, an evening of 100% Belgian concerts will also take place on the Place des Palais. From 1-5 May, the Brussels-Capital Region will celebrate its 30th anniversary and 150 years of the Brussels tram. Among the hundreds of free events on offer, Electro Night and the concerts at Place des Palais have become an unmissable part of this festive weekend. For several years, Brussels has seen the emergence of a quality electro scene. A number of talented DJ's will add sparkle to the various parties and bars in the capital. The Iris Festival is thus launching a contest to allow one of them to strut their stuff at the Place des Palais in the first part of the Electro Night.

Once again this year, electronic music lovers will be able to gather at the Place des Palais during Electro Night, which is once again featuring some stunning Belgian and international headliners. The confirmed artists: Claptone (DE), Ofenbach (FR), Nora en Pure (CH), Stereoclip (BE), Laura De Greef (BE) New feature: This year, the Iris Festival is launching a contest to enable one of Brussels' own DJs to kick-start the opening of Electro Night. Concerts - Party night 100% made in Belgium On Saturday evening, several artists from the Belgian scene will be performing on the podium at the Place des Palais. For more information about the Iris Festival:

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