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Free Journalism Course on Fate of Vulnerable Children

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Zurich, 11.02.2019, 17:51 Uhr
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Zurich [ENA] The US International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) has announced the course "Reporting on vulnerable children in care" that the Thomson Reuters Foundation offers to reporters with at least five years of experience. The free program will take place March 25 to 26 in Zurich. Participants will explore the risks faced by vulnerable children, and different domestic and international strategies to protect them.

According to the IJNet journalists working in media outlets across Europe are eligible. Selected applicants are expected to publish an article in order to graduate from the course with a certificate from the foundation. The organizer will cover travel, meals and subsistence costs; Reuters says deadline is February 21. The intensive 1.5-day program in English provides journalists with the “opportunity to consider different domestic and international strategies to protect children, as well as how to report these issues to their own audiences.” It offers a “stimulating and collaborative environment” to engage with professionals and experts and fellow journalists from various backgrounds and experiences.

The seminar will tackle the issue whether the media's coverage of adoption scandals and fake orphanages is translating into policy changes to support vulnerable children in care, the organizers have stated. After terrible conditions of orphanages in Central and Eastern Europe had come to light in the 1980s and 90s, overseas aid had poured into the sector. Governments held that the best place to care for an orphan or mistreated child was in an institution; foreign donors and volunteers supported the system. Today, that thinking was changing with an alternative approach referring to decades of research stipulating children belonged in families, not in institutions, the invitation said.

Applicants interested in being considered for the workshop can contact the Project Coordinator Rose Skelton at rose.skelton@thomsonreuters.com. While the ICFJ builds expertise in areas such as health and business, and investigative storytelling skills of reporters worldwide, the Thomson Reuters Foundation receives grants to run free programs and services “that better equip people and organizations to drive positive change around the world,” the news organization’s philanthropic arm states. ICFJ board members include John Daniszewski from the Associated Press; Christine Glancey of The Wall Street Journal; Michael Golden, former Vice Chairman of The New York Times; Mark Aldam from Hearst and David Callaway, former Editor-in-Chief, USA Today.

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